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The Team
Every project is different. Its solution unique. We listen carefully to what you say as we develop our strategy. The path we take is one dedicated to collaboration, commitment, knowledge and fun.
Barry has worn many hats and gathered much insight on the path to forming Harris Creative in 2001. He has spent his career listening to the concerns of clients, honoring their challenges and investing in their success. In work and in life, Barry has always pursued meaningful relationships with the client, the team and the individual. A food and wine enthusiast, he admires the well-crafted sentence, an adventurous path, the song of an unseen bird, and most of all spending time with his wife and daughter.
VP / General Manager
Laura is the creative and inspirational motivator at HC, strategically driving projects forward with passion and style. Over the years she has worked with some of the largest brands in technology, financial services and healthcare, partnering with industry leaders on the client side as well as agency side and communicating clearly up and down the knowledge chain. She loves hiking, reading, golf and yoga and is a big fan of family, friends and college hoops.
Media Manager / Coordinator
Katie brings a unique perspective and diverse problem solving abilities to the Harris Creative team.  As a former power player in the fast-paced auction world, her knowledge of campaign management, advertising production, and social media marketing make her a vital member of the HC team. When she’s not streamlining hurdles and jumping through hoops to meet deadlines and facilitate projects, she’s usually exploring the Bay Area, hiking, or whipping up a new dish from the current issue of 'Bon Appetit'. 
We draw from a vast global network of smart, talented people across many disciplines. Our team of freelance producers designers, directors, writers and technicians combine the perfect blend of skills, passion, knowledge, confidence and humility to transform ideas into unforgettable experiences. Both nimble and comprehensive in structure, we “team-up” to assemble the best in the business for every engagement.
Executive Producer
No matter the project’s complexity, timeline or insomnia-inducing logistics, Carol rises to the occasion and never misses a beat. She has worked for a variety of clients over the past twenty years. A seasoned producer with a master’s degree in organizational management she slays the devil in the details. She’s a lover of animals, travel and great cuisine, and especially spending time with her husband, family and friends.
Creative Director / Producer
Tim has been there and done that, as a producer, director, creative director, and editor working in graphics, film, video and animation. The one constant in all of Tim’s work is his ability to bring both passion and creativity to every unique project. Tim loves biking, hiking and taking long walks with his wife and their dog Dixie. He is also a huge fan of all genres of music.
Graphic Designer
Colleen, true to her art direction and graphic design background, is an exceptional visual communicator. Helping clients realize sound, memorable, and highly impactful design strategies and deliverables is her strong suit, honed by many years of experience in design and marketing firms and running her own boutique agency. She’s an avid outdoorsperson, and loves to backpack, hike, mountain bike and kayak, always seeking new trails and the road less traveled.
Director / Cinematographer
A storyteller at heart, Eli has captured stunning visuals from around the globe. Whether it’s a commercial, corporate video, or short film, his approach is quite simple: he listens to clients' objectives, collaborates with them, and delivers high impact images that help propel their message in a clean and artistic manner. Both a technologist and an artist, he is the recipient of numerous awards, including two national Emmys. In his free time you’ll find him travelling, on the golf course or competing in a tennis tournament.
Web Developer / IT Technologist
Ian’s many years of exploring the convergence of media art with digital technologies informs his approach to web development and digital media technology. He is quick at adopting new ideas with the latest digital media technologies, agile at implementing them, and eager to find ways to make them as efficient and seamless as possible. When not working, he spends time tinkering on various art projects in his work shop with his dog Maestro.
PA / Assistant Copywriter
Always at the ready to assist with the ever-changing needs of the team, Rachel is our resident gopher. She is happiest when she is researching a project, organizing data and making lists. As an English Lit major she is a tinkerer of words and lover of language. She is passionate about the world of fanfiction and in her down time regularly contributes to online writing forums.
International Partners
Global production presents unique challenges and opportunities. Managing events abroad requires understanding cultures, customs and languages. With local resources on almost every continent (we’re still working on Antarctica) there’s very little we haven’t seen before. For the client, this means a painless and invaluable engagement.