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Our clients have plenty to say and they’ve been saying it for a long time. We’re fortunate to have clients who consider us an extension of their teams and who continue to work with us year in and year out.
"The feedback has been more than excellent, everybody admired the work you have been doing during this week, understanding the complexity, efficiency, creativity, and what is even more important a great attitude and engagement. It was a great pleasure to have the HC team with us in Montenegro. I just could not realize how great it is to collaborate with your team. Sincerely, thank you!!!"
-Anna Shulga, Visa AP/CEMEA
"Our 125th anniversary celebration was a great success. The executive presentations, set and stage design, entertainment and scrumptious food were all tastefully festive. We had 3500 ecstatic attendees and our CEO was bowled over. I look forward to our next endeavor with Harris Creative."
-David McMurray, Chevron
"I want to extend my personal thanks for your team’s support of our Payments Forum and North America Leadership Meeting. It takes a tremendous amount of work for these events to run as seamlessly as they do. As always, the HC team did a phenomenal job. Thank you again for your partnership."
-Bill Sheedy, Global Executive, Visa, Inc.
"The team at Harris Creative is an absolute delight to work with. They have proven time and again to be a valuable partner whenever we need to communicate our message."
-Cathy Chuplis, Levi Strauss
"HC is genius! Your deft direction while producing our corporate image film is apparent at every frame. DPR now has an elegant and engaging tool that demonstrates our values and vision. It’s a joy to work with the entire gang at Harris Creative."
-Yumi Clevenger, DPR